About Us

Organic Certification Nepal (OCN) is a National Level Organic Certification Body of the country. Being a member of International Certification Network, it has its working capability at the global level. This is an outcome of our tireless efforts and solidarity of over 20 years of organic agriculture movements in Nepal.

OCN is expected to increase the market access of the traditional and or converted organic products, being produced in over 26 % of the Nepalese agricultural lands, to the national and international level. Thus we are hopeful that OCN will be a big helping hand for the income generation, food security and natural resource conservation of the country.

Providing trust worthy Organic Certification Service in Nepal and abroad is our major motto. We do provide our services in local, regional, National and International level in a competitive and benefit sharing basis. We do join hand with other national and international organizations like Govt. of Nepal, NPG, ECOSCENTER, NORIA, IFOAM, CertAll etc. to build the synergetic efforts in this movement.

As wished by many others, we would like to create an Organic World with fair production, processing, marketing and distribution practices. To achieve this goal, 1000s of individuals and organizations are working in the world and we are, indeed, a part of it. Among many sectors of Organic Agriculture movements, we would like to engage ourselves in the Certification process with the following objectives-

  • Provide Certificate to trust worthy organic producer, processor and any other service providers
  • Produce human resources required for the quality inspection facilitation services
  • Facilitate communities, organizations and the national government to establish organic agriculture standards for various levels and various commodities.

We do hope to have your sustained cooperation, as always, in achieving these goals and objectives.


Our network

OCN is the founder member of Certification Alliance (CertAll) where the following international certification bodies:

  • SriCert, SriLanka
  • Koen den Braber, Vietnaam2
  • BIOCert Indonesia (BIOCert)
  • Organic Alliance Malaysia (OAM)
  • Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT)
  • Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP)
  • Promoting Organic Farming and Marketing in Laos (PROFIL)
  • Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale, Italy (ICEA)
  • Organic Food Development and Certification Center of China (OFDC)
  • ACO, Australia
  • QCS, USA
  • Cambodia

Secretariat of CertAll is based in Bangkok